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14 family-tested must-haves for your camping kit

We did it.  Not too long ago, we bit the bullet and became a camping family.  But the decision to do so wasn’t made lightly.  My uber organized wife spent hours upon hours researching online and reading reviews and message boards before investing in the best camping gear for our money.  The following list is a culmination of all that work.  Use it!  Having broken in our new gear, there’s not a single purchase on this list that we regret.

Photo courtesy: Roya Ann Miller


2/Cooking gloves

3/Air mattress

4/Air pump

5/Kid's warm pajamas

6/Camping stove

7/Camping griddle

8/70-Quart cooler

9/Water carrier

10/Coffee percolator


12/Utility paring knife

13/Measuring spoons

14/Spice rack

Writer Nate Baker lives in Oregon City, Oregon, with his wife and 2-year-old daughter.  After having a kid, Nate and his wife figured that they should stop watching so much TV and start making some childhood memories for their daughter!

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Must-have camping gear