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Sporting funky candy colors, your kids will beg to pull these suitcases around the airport.

Travel should be fun.  So why not your luggage, too?!  Ditch those boring, black suitcases for something fresh, vibrant, and yes, colorful!  Plus practically speaking, you’ll be sure to spot that bright sunshine yellow suitcase from across baggage claim!

Lojel, a Japanese company, recently showcased its new Groove 2 collection at the New York Times Travel Show.  And KidTripster has been testing the smallest case in aqua blue.  It measures 55 x 37 x 25 cm, which is the TSA-approved size for allowable carry-on luggage.

KidTripster Tip: Most carry-on bags are actually larger than the TSA-approved size.  We’ve found that American carriers aren’t sticklers; you typically can get away with a slightly larger carry-on bag.  But if you’re traveling outside the U.S. - especially in Europe, Asia, and the South Pacific - that’s not the case.  Make sure your carry-on bag is the appropriate size or you’ll be forced to check it.

First, we love the look.  The bag is shiny and stylish; the candy colors make us smile.  And fellow passengers smile, too, when it rolls by!  Speaking of rolling, the Groove 2 has dual wheels, so it pulls or pushes easily, even for a young child.

The suitcase is constructed from lightweight polycarbonate shells; it weighs just 7.9 pounds.  The combination lock is integrated into the case, so you don’t need to worry about losing a padlock or key.

The roomy interior has pouches for smaller items, a laundry bag, and a way to easily keep dirty laundry separate.  The luggage has a limited 10-year warranty.

Reliable luggage isn’t cheap.  The carry-on bag costs $219.99. 

You may also want to consider the ultra-light Lumo suitcase.  The 22-inch bag also runs $219.99

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