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A look at where your family should - and shouldn’t - be headed this summer.


Think Orlando or San Diego are the top searches for affordable family destinations this summer?  Nope.

Value hotel search site looked at the data for all of its summer searches for 2016 and the searches so far for 2017.  The team then ranked destinations by popularity, price point, and savings and blended the rankings together, giving each factor equal weight.  Here’s the resulting rankings:

  1. Niagara Falls, New York
  2. Hilton Head, South Carolina
  3. South Padre Island, Texas
  4. Anaheim, California
  5. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
  6. Sandusky, Ohio
  7. Orange Beach, Alabama
  8. Newport, Rhode Island
  9. Mackinac Island
  10. Atlantic City

A location not on this year’s list?  Virginia Beach.  The beach town fell from the top spot in 2016 to number 24 this year.

Niagara Falls is shaping up to be the big go-to, non-beach destination this summer.  Even so, actual travel to the iconic North American destination is expected to be softer than last summer, according to goSeek CEO, Clem Bason.

“Americans contemplating road trips face the highest gas prices since 2015, and international travel is likely being impacted by the "Trump slump,” says Bason.  “If hoteliers are seeing lots of interest but not as many bookings, they're likely to cut prices to try to fill rooms.  This leads to the great deals that we're seeing so far this year.”

With the strong dollar, Bason says it may be worth pricing hotels in Niagara Falls, Ontario, and beyond, as well.

“The strong dollar will continue to inspire travel to Canada and Mexico, especially to the latter as Zika fears fade,” explains Bason.  “And new, low-cost carriers flying to Europe (like Norwegian and WOW) will offer fares that people just won't be able to pass up.”

Then there’s the impact of the “Trump slump” - the term being used to describe the significant drop in flight searches and bookings by international visitors since President Trump’s inauguration and his controversial travel ban.  According to the Global Business Travel Association, the U.S. travel industry has suffered more than $185 million in lost revenue since President Trump’s election.  However, that drop in tourism could benefit American families looking to travel domestically.

“We should see better deals in a few cities in particular - New York City, Miami, Los Angeles, Orlando, and Las Vegas,” predicts Bason.  “New York City is so exposed to the ebbs and flows of international travel.  Also, they've been on a hotel building and renovation boom over the last few years, so there are more (properties) to choose from.  I imagine we'll see outstanding deals throughout the summer.”