Where can we visit now, Caribbean



Though it’s been a destructive hurricane season, these 12 Caribbean destinations are still welcoming visitors - likely, at a price less than you’d expect.

St Vincent & the Grenadines.jpg

Irma.  José.  Maria.  It’s been a wickedly destructive hurricane season in the Caribbean, leaving widespread destruction in many popular island destinations.  Yes, the islands and their people are resilient, but it will take time and money to recover.

In the meantime, other Caribbean islands and destinations on the mainland that were either untouched or suffered minimal damage from the storms remain “open for business” and eager to welcome visitors.  But when tourists hear about hurricane damage in the Caribbean, they often pull back their plans to visit the region entirely.  Because of that, some Caribbean resorts may be forced to offer heavily discounted pricing in the coming months to entice tourists.

Where could your family go over the holidays or even spring break for less?  Here are 12 Caribbean destinations that are ready to welcome you with an umbrella drink and the sounds of Calypso.